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The surprises of my life

The surprises of my life

I was 7 or 8 years old when I met him. I was in Craiova and he had curly blond hair, was a particularly me, fascinated me from the start. I wanted to spend as much time with him, to know him better. His favorite activity was to give the swing, so I gave my ... thing take hours. Once he made a surprise when he wanted to give me the same swing. What a joy to me! He was expert so quickly both legs close to heaven, that was standing on the swing, not sitting. I was a bit scared because of the speed and angle of swing that easily exceed 120 degrees, but I take good care of me and I look at him with adoration discreet. But the spell did not last too long, the next day I saw him doing the same thing with a girl and the two seemed very close. It was the first time I felt jealous. Finally, I could not stay in Craiova more than a few days, so I looked in my city a swing that resembles as much at Craiova. No chance, none live up to the standards that I used to. Some were rusted and made terrible noises, others were made so that the swing angle can not exceed 120 degrees, none was sufficiently fast ... Terrible, I gave up quickly and regret the work that I started when I was watching the boy. He came first class. Did not know anyone, I had no love at first sight, as I happened to that (did not know that it is called the feeling I had, I did not know what it's called jealousy I experienced then). But a boy who happened to be a classmate wanted to befriend me and how I was not in a position to make "selections" (that I really I had no idea about social interactions) I accepted. It was the kind of friendship that I had once alive and lasted until the 7th or 8th was when he was the scandal caused my disclosure. It was the boy who came to some (if not all) my birthday since I did eight years until I turned 12 or 13. Them return the favor when it was his birthday, I think (can not remember). There were no special occasions when she goes out to play our flipăr and he was trying to convince me to throw my lunch money that my mother gave him that little game. I am convinced we leave, but to a point. When you see that I did not want to move as he wanted, took off his "weapon" (hand) and grabbed my arms so the idea that I would "convince" easier, it also said "not going anywhere". Hell, that's why I made rude, I yanked until I released and I turned away. I even made sure the teacher to find out about this. This was the first accusation that I did, actually. I noted the date: December 12, 1995, when I was in grade 3 and my favorite grandmother had died one month. Her death was not really a surprise, was sick and I knew this would happen, but it still took me by surprise when I learned of her death from my father. The first time he said it gives ad in the newspaper that she died. Then I thought I just prepare for her death and he expected her to die that day (which I remember when!), Because she was his mother and I saw them arguing quite often ... But it was few hours to realize that there was no preparation, it was real. That was by far the most unpleasant and sad surprise I ever had. I remember the place where I realized her death. Whenever you go in there (very often, because it's close to my block), I try not to think about what I went through and often fail to look. Then one day I saw exactly where a cross and a name with a candle and a small bouquet of flowers. I returned the memory ... then again I was struggling with it, you can live peacefully everyday life, and again failed. I do not have fond memories about my father. Very rarely nice to me. The only surprise that I did was a miniature airplane, bought in a package and opened. I do not understand why it was opened and what was the point of an airplane motor ... It's been many years to understand that he just wanted to do something together. I was not interested at all in that plane, but I saw that night as it combines details millimeter by millimeter. After I finished, I put on the TV. I already asleep, so I saw the whole plane than the second day. Okay, and the rest he did? Absence, in the best case. When he was in the house, often glaring at me. When he was moody worse (and I gave him the slightest opportunity by stupidity) beat me. Obviously, the mother arrived to argue with him about it. Many times I wanted him to leave the house forever, not just to come here occasionally. My wish came true when I was 12 and decided I better parents divorced. Were already separated and have a place of his own, so I was not hard at all, and even I was relieved. I specifically told the judge that I want to stay with my mother. They did. A classmate (one finger in the previous post) was also my neighbor neighborhood. The two boys aforementioned ball came to me to play in the yard of my neighborhood. When I'm not invited to play, I sat TV (movies were more appealing than subjects in any case), reading books or forced by circumstances, doing my homework. I never was interested in cars, although there were a few dozen gift from relatives ... only one interested me a red Ferrari remote gift from my father, was by far the largest in the collection. I liked showing off her square in the city center and to see how other children admired the hottest toy of the parking lot. That was when I ... do not know ... between 8 and 10 years. There was a black boy with blue eyes with toy gun that was funny noises at me. He proposed a temporary replacement: I let him play a little car, and I was playing with his gun. I accepted and, while pointing gun at birds and shoot (allegedly kill them), I quietly watching him, admiring his beauty. I heard a divine music just watching him. Even when we got the toys back we stopped to look at him ... I was thinking that I want to stay as much time with him. It certainly was not the last time I had such a thought. I was once on the day that neighborhood neighbor who was a classmate. I was convinced it was just a waste of time at first, but I was aware that I had to see how the kids interact with each other and - possibly, if I could copy them conventional. It seemed silly much of what they were doing, but when I saw that he had his computer and games, I wished myself something. Even those shots were fascinated by the light character who walks through a maze. It was the first time I saw that you can play on a computer, hitherto seen only computer technical things. I asked him to let me try it, but do not know if you really let me or not (it's weird that I have memories in both versions), anyway I put the lust in whom. I never wanted any computer, any games like this. At least, it was a total waste of time: I learned that I do not. I hope that by now it was clear that I was not interested any of the two. I was in 7th grade when I realized that I like another classmate, a delicate blonde with blue eyes ... I was fascinated that he was so skinny and beautiful, it looked like a girl rather than a boy . He was smart and fire. An irresistible combination. Then (or later, in the eighth, I do not know) started to beat me thought: "Why not nowhere boy or girl boy girl boy girl only? 'I took only a small Meditation time on this and we concluded that, as long as it is love, it does not have to be always the same, there must always be a boy with girl and thinking seriously that the world really does not know that it can and otherwise. That happens when you do not consult with anyone, in fact, I have ideas different from others. Consultations are sterile, do not bring anything new. I am convinced that with the passage of time. There was one exception, however, when I had to deal with people smarter than me. With them he made the great pleasure to consult. So ... problem with my father checked. Changing the attitude of colleagues after learning as I checked. Hence I have lost faith in the male species. Once lost this confidence, passed a very long time to trust someone again. That someone was my first love, which I first saw when I was 19. By mirc we met, obviously. We met often, every few months, so I asked if they are still dating. He said no. Something told me not to believe it, but I did not have proof, I had to accept his answer. In another interview, I asked him if he believes in love. He said yes. From here until the declaration of love was very little. He came to tell me he loves me every time we meet and I liked it, so I answer the same. Two years after our first meeting, we learned that was seeing a boy. I gave that boy mirc, discuss one another, our beloved subject came up, but it was not long before we realize that we are talking of the same person (name, occupation and physical description matched). Before you know it, my boyfriend said he wanted to marry, have children and continue to meet with me. I'm not thrilled that perspective, but I thought that as long as you be honest with me, I will be with him. Okay, let's say I have forgiven "beyond" it, but I expected that he even bother to tell me that one gets engaged. Hm, did not happen. After a year in which I expected to hear from him, I texted that I miss him. His answer? "Honey, I'm married!" Then I froze, then I went ballistic and asked him if redhead. I had a dream a few months ago where I saw it coming out of a church with a bride redhead and the two seemed happy, and I waved them goodbye as though I did not see anyone. I did not answer the question of sms. But the surprises were not over here: a messenger came to ask me a place and a time when we can meet. I thought a few days at the most plausible reason to break up with him. I said I do not want to meet because their wives are always being deceived. He said no, that she will not be caught again. Already I felt sorry for him, I was very clear that he knows the power of feminine intuition as a friend of the girls I know that we have had over time. They make connections as no man would be able to do. However, if he wanted to be honest with me, me and what I owe? But the messenger spoke exactly as if I owe them something, have a commanding tone. Nah ... I ended all contact with him. The irony was that, while waiting for another meeting with bi hubby, I met a gay boy, almost effeminate, that I thought I could reach something closer relationship than had bi guy. We were together from the sea, but things did not go as I expected, even we fought so bad, that I decided that I would break up with him as soon as we return to our city. Peak before going to sea, I did meet my mother and sister. In fact, the only boy who was connected "feeling" to me that they knew him. It turned out later that he was lying to breaking ground and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. When I asked what was the reason for admission, he said that his parents (adoptive) they put him there because he said he was gay ... I think that was just part of the reason that there was one that did not I wanted to tell it. Given the nature of mitomaniacă, it would surprise me that he was hospitalized and he was lying nonstop parents thought so for two reasons. Always boasted that's a model, but I have not seen any professional portfolio or a picture with him. All pictures made by amateur he seemed himself. A phase loud though we broke up, he came home to me arranged and fragrant. Obviously, he wanted to get back together and give me the big news: he became rich. I asked, "Well, how so?". I said: "Well, I went to court with my parents and they gave me a good part of their money." I looked at him puzzled and asked him: "Do you mean that you tried them? And that gave you money because they were forced? "And I nodded. It was really proud of it, he said other things to justify what happened ("put me in the hospital that I was gay" and others, but I'll bet you anything that has not spent more than three days in that hospital), but for me it did not matter. His scent became an instant symptom of moral infection complacent and I stopped breathing, not to feel it. I said, fornăind nose of contempt and the glacial tone I was able: "You might not know it, but they helped you when you were an orphan, you could stay in filth, rot and not even kiss a touch of the good life. In my eyes you have fallen from grace and do not want to see you again. Do you know where the exit. "He tried to fog up, even to kiss me, but I was away and I have not looked:" Go and never come back again. I'm done with you once and for all "and shown the door with finger and look. He left because he had seen that not take anything with me. I mess out of the list and put him on ignore soon as they are out of the apartment as I can remember. I refused a jerk who had million RON in mind and I feel damn good that I did the best thing in my life. Aside from those two, I had a good friend first (and maybe last) gay friend that I understood the way. There was no sense of beloved friend, but friend. I could talk about anything with him. He told me that the world is watching him on the street and then I do not wonder that at all, it was very sexy. I say - for example - that a man while driving, looked at him and was close here to make an accident. It helped me when I was heavier with any of the two above, I ensured that I got the best decisions that could be taken ... did things that no one else has done that friend. He was the most pleasant surprise of my life. Sorry just do not last long, a few months after I met him he had to move to Bucharest. He said he was standing a few roommates and they found a few discs gay porn his. He told me that he left the scene and was taken out by force. However the timing was pretty bad, because the night before to that thorny question I was at it and saw a pornache of his paw ... I did together and I made an oral because I wanted this for weeks and was the only time he broke ... So after he told me what happened and told me that it is in Bucharest, I thought - in my stupidity - it actually ran me ... I did not one gave a slap for it, but deserve. Luckily, I woke up without slap, but a little too late. Another phase of the mendacity. A few months after I finally broke (and been a while since we talked last time sexy friend) came to my block staircase and called me down. There was his new girlfriend, a plump who happened to be a classmate of his. I was not affect anything, but he seemed to live under the impression that I (still) have feelings for him and hope for a small sign to denote jealousy. They would! On the contrary, I congratulated him that he found someone, I asked the girl if she's okay with it, he said yes without even one hundred percent convinced or convincing ... I realized that the relationship Their is a few days old. Lack of inspiration, he comes with his usual praise that works as a model. I cut it short: "You know, until I see even a picture of you on a poster or an advertisement in the city, I do not." Oh, what's pouting, poor. Irritation, preferred to leave as quickly from me. He's dead, really.

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ACCES-SEOFF: Crima de ură? NYPD investighează postere vaginate...

ACCES-SEOFF: Crima de ură? NYPD investighează postere vaginate...: Departamentul de Poliție din New York (NYPD) și-a desemnat grupul de lucru pentru crime de ură pentru a investiga postere vandalizate ale l...

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Code Name: Orgasm Project (Part 3)

Code Name: Orgasm Project (Part 3)

- Now, I know I first said orgasms by penis stimulation are dangerous. And that's completely true. However, every boy has the right to free his balls from time to time, does not he? Toni, why do not you take the A9 member a little and caress him because he can not do it alone. Make him feel good too - unfortunately the subjects can not enjoy what other boys their age can hardly wait to do and do it even more times a day.

(Of course, this was a lie. Upegus's assistants regularly dealt with these boys)
Toni looked at the doctor, then dropped his eyes to the floor without shifting his eyes to the A9.

- Not? Upegus asked, without surprise. Very good.
The Doctor extended his hand to the cabin for a long time, and stroked the crawly pulley that rose from the red-haired and A-9's woods and began to masturbate with anger as if he had punished him for the state he was in, so immobilized and secret colorless as a faulty tap.

- If I remember well this subject suffered a late puberty, beginning to produce pre-ejaculation only a few weeks ago. We may be witnessing his first wet orgasm.

(Another lie, Dr. Upegus knows very well that caregivers go through nightclubs and play with the wrinkles of subjects sometimes and for hours, before they masturbate and suck them up to ejaculation. "Everything appeared on the cameras." That's what I have to do if I hired some gorillas without a mind, "had once told his doctor that one of the caregivers, a man named Horea, masturbated between two thick fingers like two fingers a penis like a cucumber of one of the catatonic flakes the whisper whispered to his ear. Probably the wilderness still had a touch of consciousness because the dirty dishes of the caregiver made him even more pre-sperm and sometimes even run his balls or stare his head, by a wave of maximum excitation.)

The swollen and reddened meat appeared and quickly disappeared close to the doctor's fingers, and soon there was only "fleecing! Fleosc! Fleosch! "In harmony with" fap! Acts! Fap! "Emanated by the machine's pits in the deep pit of the dumbbell. The sounds were so powerful that they completely covered the guttural glazing that the wilder had generated in the deep throat as if caught in the trance.

The nerves in the A9's brain were triggered as if they had not been burdened by any consciousness, and his body began to react purely physiologically - pushing in the calculated movements of the doctor's hands and trembling uncontrollably as the orgasm getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the inflamed penis explodes into the thick sperm swarm as it squeezes all over the body in a series of violent convulsions. As if it were a sense of cumulation of sensations, the rubber phallus slows down the assault, and the doctor slowly unclogs his wrinkled hand around the sweat that still pulsates empty, releasing the last lethal jets of smechel. Without a word, the doctor went to the sink, holding his hand away from his clothes so that he did not wash them and wash all the caimac that now coagulates in the bloodstains under the water's reaction. He glanced at his colleagues and saw that it was harder for them to hide their trousers.

- Do you want to continue? He asked the members of the Asland family.


How was the father, he's the son too!

I stand in front of the blue screen and look for an amateur to suck her. Finally, I find one of the city with me!

Already my mouth salutes when I exchanged pictures.
- Where do we meet?
- Well, where you stand, she asks me.
After telling him where I'm sitting, he gives me the bomb:
- Well, I'm staying in Târgu Neamţ!
"And why did you dude write that you are from Piatra Neamţ?
- So, to increase the area, I can not find here in Targ! But what do you say you come to me?
- What do you like, do you ask?
"Then come tomorrow morning and I'm waiting for you at the bus station.
After we set up the signals and we talked about what we all like, we closed the computer and went to the bathroom where I pulled a harsh paw.
I spent the whole night thinking about the wonder of the pulse waiting for me in Târgu Neamţ.
I woke up two hours before my departure, when I finished my intimate toilet.
After an hour by bus, I went down and headed for "Lidl," where Viorel waited, whose pulse I wanted to suck.

The young man who was waiting for me remembered one of my two-year relationships before I married.
I accompanied him home where he lived in a well-furnished and maintained apartment.
I did not walk well on the door, she started to undress and soon she was naked.
"Come on, get yourself dressed and go to the apparatus," said Viorel.
The apparatus was in an erect state emerging from the black floods that surrounded it, covering the rich coats too.
I stripped myself and when I saw myself naked, it burns my hand over the bouquet and said laughing,
- What you futabil ass!
After that you sink into an armchair, you cuddle his arms and invite me to do my job. The barbed pulp almost entirely extended their area to the bunch. The perineum (the area between the anus and the anus) was hidden from the full balls, but again I was thinking of Valeric, the one I had slept in the same bed in the host to that 40-year-old widow, and whose maid was fucked by all the boys who had them in the host.
I had tasted Valeric's dick since the first night together and since then, the 16-year-old kid, honored me every night. It does not matter I was eleven years older than him, we were pleased with each other's pleasure.
Viorel filled my mouth with a few tongues on his nose and his head, a sign that he had been standing for some time.
After this first "snack", he invites me to the kitchen where he removed something from the fridge and a bottle of strength.
Catching the glasses, he said,
- That's what the nausea can do to you!
- Nausea why?
- The freedom you swallowed!
- You think I'm nauseous! For me it is the most delicious snack!
After this treatment, he invited me to bed:
- Come on in bed and play with the dick, to fuck you, too!
In bed I started kissing him and licking him through all the hairy areas, and there were few!
Even the smell of his body reminded me of Valerica.
When the dick grew up again, she took my pulp in all positions, and it took a long time to let her go.
After the proper bath, sitting in bed and kissing him at the pulp, I started to ask him, if he's out of town, if his parents are alive, if he's married ...
Leaving his own tongue licking the flaps around his anus, he wondered why I was so interested in him.
I told him that the way he looks reminds me of a former boyfriend of his youth who was doing what I did to him now.
He told me that he was from a nearby community nearby.
- As your father calls you, I could not have mastered myself.
- Valeriu!
I realized he was the son of one whose father I had enjoyed for two years.
I told her a few of our accomplishments while I was together, as Mrs. Veronica fumbled and I was licking her dick when she pulled her out of her pussy, as she had the host suck his dick and all the other madmen.
I see him pick up the phone and call.
- Father's hand! You're busy?
- ..........................................
- Then come to me!
In half an hour, my ex-lover, mature hair with white hair, enters the door, but he was still just a little belly.
We looked and recognized, we embraced, then said to me:
- I see you gave yourself to my dick son!
- Just do not be jealous!
- Not at all, but did not you miss my dick?
- And what I miss! But is it so strong?
- Even though I'm 63, I do not give a young man! What about your wife? He asks me again?
- Eh, he's in the world of the righteous for fifteen years!
- God forgive her! How good it was! She liked my dick to eat it, she liked sucking her so much! I just remembered and my dick rose! Take it and give it to the caimac!
I gave her trousers and panties down and stuck under his hairy stomach, finding the smell of his so popular.
He went so dick in my mouth to the bed and covering me with his massive body began to fuck in my mouth. I was happy with the dick in my throat and my nose in the flood, sucking the pulse smell. Soon, thick, hot jets slipped on my throat, while Valerica, dear to him, was struggling.
After aas we both had to rest in bed, I was telling when I, when he both fumbled on the host and then together my wife, and Viorel marveled at what he was hearing. That night I almost did not sleep, taken to the alternate dad's father and son. I stayed there for four days, enjoying the two balls and swallowing freely. Now and then, one of them visits me, rarely both once, but I'm glad I found my love of youth in duplicate! THE END

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After a few days in the province, I rushed to the capital. As it's likely to happen, the speed has stolen me and I've reached the village at 65 km / h. It was evening, no guy on the road ... except a policeman on duty. We were pulled to the right, and we've already prepared the papers. I was not going to object at all, of course.

To my surprise, the policeman who arrived at the door was the hot devil. I thought for a moment that I could be in the hidden room;) and started to dance. Of course, after the presentation that I did not hear because I was actually staring at his slit (... kind of bloated for a mission) followed the questions:

- You know it's running at 65 km / h ... Do you know what is the limit in the locality? ..... etc ...

I tried to make an excuse for hurrying myself, I did not realize, I'm very careful ... the organ: p uninviting, invited me to the post (stopped me right in front of the post in the commune). Within a few meters, I had the opportunity to admire in detail. Approximately 30-32 years old, well-worked body and especially tan. A fund you could have ... and especially that swollen fountain. The girl does not betray her age, on the contrary, she does not have the time to notice that she smiles in a way. He informs me that he will pay me the fine. I'm trying to apologize for not having the money, that I do not have time to pay taxes ... the embarrassing talk. Then the policeman removed a desk and asked, "What do you propose?"

Raman perplex ... (I was thinking how to suggest you want the dick in you) - Well, I do not know ... maybe we can sort it out now ... maybe you want to cool off with something (and instinctively my eyes dropped on slit) ... lightly swallowing in the ...

- I understand ... frankly, he says, I'm not happy to cool myself ... I want to go hay ... I hope to catch a pussy, but you also see that you look after the dick since I came to the car window.

Wow ... I thought I was dreaming. Already my dick was concrete and my mouth leaves water. Later, I was going to find out that he was also picking up two deserts from the commune's football team ... to meet them on another occasion.

She went to the door, locked her up, and then came back to me but back. With my hands on my buckets he said, "You can wait for me to take you to the dick," when I came back and I wanted to put it in my knees. She took me with the chin, lifted me up and gave me a quest that my legs would cut off. "Not here the little ass, I want to fuck you all over" and I went to the apartment above the post. She lay in bed and then I put myself between his legs, in kununchi, finally close to his dick. A dick, after which now I was leaving my mouth, about 20 cm, with veins that crawled and pulled by desire ... it was concrete. The instinct urged me to take everything in my mouth first, but I said I would have to impress him. So I started licking the madular all the way down and gently with his lips taking his head in his mouth. I did not hang the balls already preparing the semen. The cop was in the 9th sky.

"Looks like you're a good bitch to the capital," she says, "go to bed to fuck you."

I put myself upside down and he came from the side, holding me with a head and grabbing a hard blow. Though seemingly tough, she knew how to take care of her partner, she was pounding my dick so I could not fuck her, so I could take a break and take her balls to lick ... that's not to say that at some point I felt a smile on the face . I do not saturate the taste of the pulp and especially the idea that such a stallion would take me to fuck.

He ordered me after 15 minutes of sucking dick hard:

- Come back and get you in the dick. I see how you move you fucked.

Here I know it will be back to my hand ... at my ass, forgiveness: P I came back to my stomach with a slightly raised ass, giving her a look at my great joy that made them exclaim:

- Ah, what a bunch of bunch ...

Like a cavalier, I managed to massage them ... later, louder, taking care to play with a phlegm on my throat. What to relax when my ass fucked his dick in the first few minutes. It was a frightening border that I did not let go in the first few seconds when his head shot the waist between my buttocks. I got a hand after when the dick came in all of me and I had already used it (after some choices made in the dick that fucked it) a beginning to fuck me like a crazy ... we worship the sound of the mouths then when they were slapped him while I fucked ...

Break ... I stood 4 feet ... I left to play head pulleys ... Reaching only taking it and head pulleys ... sometimes ... they stopped the fucking frenzy ... I'm moving to him in the dick and at the same time we strain his muscles around his pulp ... what I want to hear, do not hesitate to say - You fuck me with this ass !!! And I answered - I'm not getting enough of your dick, fuck me ... but he ... not to let go ... a dick clam to my surprise ... There followed a language game as I rarely received, handsI think he's breaking my buckets aside and my tongue was careful to spoil my ass as she knew best. I can not control my groanings anymore ... And to make me keep silent: she turned me face up ... as I had taught him, I let go of my dick in my dick, rolling my legs after him. I do not like to come over me with his massive chest and a dick blowing up to the spine, which made me buckle up and lick it up and pull it inside me ... I think we would have both screamed if the kisses did not they were saving us ... I felt every inch of the dick that came into me ... Already both sweat, exhausted by death, I urged to finish ... aiming at the rhythm and putting them against the bottom so that his blows are as good deep possible. I felt like I die of pleasure ... what made me let go first ... When she saw this ... she gave me more pulses then drew it out and I came up almost with ... Jets of hot sperm flowed on my face, my chest and my faces ... and to get out of my mind, I did not delay licking her balls still pulsing ... and the dick I could not get with drops the semen on her ... She really descended with me saying she could not believe what a trait ... and at the end of the kiss I knew we'd see. He helped me wipe me down, led me down because of sin ... I had to go back to the capital ... There were countless kisses, all the walls ... all the offices ... none of us wanting to quit ... I just came out ... I could not get back in order to drive ...

Code Name: Orgasm Project (Part 2)

Code Name: Orgasm Project (Part 2)

Pushing the open door, he led the guests into the corner of a spacious and well-lit room. - Here we are at the entrance to the lab. You will notice that the lab is divided into seven rows, with cabins containing test subjects on both sides. Rows are marked from A to G, with test subjects labeled with one number. First of all, we have the subject A1, A2, A3, etc. The second row is B1, B2, B3, and so on. In addition to each subject, personal information such as date of acquisition, age, and other relevant scientific information is provided. Each row contains fourteen stations and we are almost at full capacity. We have ninety-two subjects in the lab right now. For security reasons, each row is standalone and requires a password. Please follow me.
Doctor Upegus escorted his group to a glass door called "A," unlocked it, and walked in with impatience. The others followed him. It was not the joy of the doctor when he heard the three surprise surprise almost at the same time. On one side of the corridor (seven on one side and seven on the other) were only boys.
- This is Group A. He's been in this room for almost fourteen months. All fourteen subjects have completely wiped minds and are now waiting for a drug cocktail to alter their thinking. This should have been two weeks ago from what my colleagues told me.
The four approached the first subject.
The boy, whose record indicates that it came from the village of Baltisoara, Tulcea County, was suspended a few meters from the ground by what seemed to be a kind of high-quality polymer fibers. Snakes with an acrobat on the trapeze that floats with grace. It was tilted back at a slight angle with its fiber-backed head, while the arms, loose on both sides, were wrapped in a dark color. His legs were wide open and pushed forward, wrapped in the polymer in a way that reminded the chair of a gynecological cabinet. His tanned, thin thoracic body breathes slowly, inspiring and jerking, while the rest of his body frets constantly, as though it were a small epileptic crisis.
All four pairs of eyes quickly assimilated the image, but as quickly moved toward the pelvis of the boy who steals their attention. His erect cock grew obscene, shining in the light, and covered with much pre-ejaculator fluid flowing continuously from his vibrant limb. But that was not the picture that shocked them the most! Below, just a few centimeters away from their stunned gaze, there was a thick and black phallus, recessed deep in the tight anus and vibrating vigorously. This mechanical monster was attached to a large machine about a foot under the boy and with all sorts of buttons, indicators and screens.

- This is subject A1. As you can see, he is suspended here by this material, Dr. Upegus explained, grasping the dark fabric and rolling his hand up and down to emphasize the idea. It has been specifically created to keep these subjects comfortable and safe. The machine, he said, showing the installation under the boy, is what we call affectionately the "Milk" or "Mullet." All the data is in my reports, but in short, this car is equipped with a special probe stimulate the prostate of the subject.
The doctor smiled pointing at the so-called probe, which was a massive phallus in all the way.
- This probe is just amazing. It contains thousands of sensors that record the vital statistics of the subject, only by contacting it with its rectal walls. It is very flexible, inflatable, adjustable, self-lubricating, and made of a rubber-like material, so it has a texture similar to human tissue, but it is much stronger and stronger. The tip of this probe, which can rotate 180 degrees, is controlled by a computer that can do almost anything. While the probe is in Milking Position, as the tip is currently busy with stimulation and ... teasing the prostate to induce orgasm-anal.
- Are there more positions? asked Ronald Asland with a small bulb in front of his pants.
"There is one more one," said the good doctor. We call him "Pistoning". The anus is a very interesting organ, and the probe, with all its qualities, can not remain fixed in the anus for more than an hour without the anal walls becoming weaker. So, once every forty minutes, the probe retreats completely, it waits for sixty seconds, then begins to ... if you excuse my expression to fake the subject of taking the devils for two minutes, ending with another sixty seconds outside the body before slipping back into Muls Position. Although it may seem futile, this setting actually helps maintainhealthy anus and rectum. Furthermore, the probe, when in the Pistoning Position, leaves a white and milky substance known as SLBZ, or Lacto-Biological Zonal Supplement, which is a very powerful and very effective nutritional cocktail to be absorbed deeply into the colon the subject and offers all the food they need. Once coupled to "Mulberry", these people will never have to be fed in the traditional way. Upegus tapped a few orders on the unit and smiled again at the captivated audience. "Here, A9 is about to experience the Pistoning Position, if you are curious to follow me? As the four strolled along the corridor, visitors glanced at each cab. The subject A2 was a blonde boy from Iasi, with some Russian features. The subject A3 was a young, tanned blonde on his shoulder, a rough tattoo, which reads "For Star Murim. Kill ". They also saw a boy who wrote that he had fled from Syria, the way of the war, and a Hungarian man from Sfantu Gheorghe who wrote that he did not speak the Romanian language. They were all hanging in the same position, a deeply buried specimen in their rectum while their penises vibrated actively and concurrently with the anal orgasms they experimented. The Doctor Alexander Upegus raised his hand to a red and pale head whose body was covered with freckles. - This is the A9, bought in Calafat, after a boys' bathing last summer. Officially, the Danube waves dragged him down and carried him off. Unofficially ... The machine under A9 emitted a prolonged and deaf beeping, interrupting the good doctor's presentation. The man did not get angry, but instead returned to attend the show. Slowly, the probe, which had been in the stationary milking position, began to withdraw. After a few moments, nearly 13 centimeters of mechanical pulse had been pulled out of the light, detached from inside the wilderness. Its rectum was slightly dilated due to abuse, allowing the four to scratch as nonsense in the hole between the buttocks as two of the boy's figs. Since the prostate is not too far inside the anal cavity, the sample should not advance in the body than a few centimeters when we are in the Muls Position. However, to ensure structural integrity, the probe goes much deeper during the Pumping Position. After that, the steal had to wait for about a minute until the car ran again, and the probe began to climb slowly but surely. The four watched fascinated by the probe, which was now about two times thicker and it was louder than the SLBZ acquis. white-and-white, as she climbs up to the hole where she has it. Two inches. Then four. Then six. Then five. Then ten. It did not seem to stop. It seemed like a magic trick, no one could imagine where the nearly 20 centimeters of thick phallus disappeared into the bottom of the immobilized wilderness, pulling a prolonged and humid pussy like the one that the defrosted chicken pulls out when unpacking the cops from the rest of the body. And like a chicken was the subject of the cabin. A chicken with thin legs, with a bottom deep as rotisserie. Then the probe suddenly began to withdraw, but much faster than the entrance. And when he retired completely it became obvious that he was beginning to accelerate. He slips back inside, burying all 20 centimeters. And once again it slides out like a prolonged spiral, leaving the shaken anus at everyone's sight before it penetrates without mercy. He comes in, goes out, goes out. The machine is pumping faster. In a few seconds, the machine rang so fast that the boy began to tremble violently. Under the amazed eyes of those gathered, the whitish substance shifted to the clam, while the rubber animal was pushing hard inside and out of the golan's ass. A9 still faced with anal orgasms. But because the probe is rubbing against the prostate and at the same time stimulating the inner nerves of the rectum, its anal orgasm is even more intense. - Why not use this position as the standard then? If the purpose is to induce anal orgasms and they are stronger? Carol asked without being able to move his gaze. Upegus smiled in his classic style. "Because the anal cavity can not resist such abuse for an indefinite period. After five such pumping, there could be consequences and we do not want that? "The doctor glanced over at his colleagues and realized at a moment that all three were erect under expensive costumes. And not anyway. Intense, almost painful erections that were pushing into the fabric and demanding to take off their heads. Doctor Upegus then decides to offer a small show to his guests. [URMA]

Monday, April 2, 2018

Code Name: Orgasm Project (Part 1)

Code Name: Orgasm Project

Doctor Alexander Upegus, senior researcher at the Asland Institute, had arrived in the office nearly two hours ago and felt like a prisoner behind the desk. Normally, after checking e-mail and timing, Dr. Alexander Upegus liked to go to the lab to follow the progress of his experiments. Today, however, he had to prepare for the guests who had to arrive in an hour. Visitors very important, as he had written in his notebook. Thus, although he preferred to be in his laboratory, Dr. Upegus was bound (metaphorically, of course) by the reports he had to read and the notes he was rushing to add to his personal booklet. Everything had to be prepared so that it could work perfectly!

Before Dr. Upegus realized how time had passed, his secretary knocked on the door and invited three people, all wearing expensive costumes for the company. Dr. Upegus jumped out of the chair and eagerly crossed the room, grabbing his guests and holding his hands enthusiastically. "Gentlemen, thank you for coming! I'm telling you, the results are just amazing and you will be very pleased! Welcome to P.O."

- P.O.? the old lady asked. Dr. Upegus smiled with his mouth. He was a short man, probably 65 years old, and he had white hair. This, along with the thickness of the glasses, gave him a grandmother's air. This was Mr. Ronald Asland, founder of the Asland Institute and the man Dr. Upegus desperately needed to impress.
"The Orgasm Project," the man on his right answered, before Dr. Upegus could respond. Dad, did not you read the report the doctor sent us? P.O. is the abbreviation used here.
Doctor Upegus nodded nod to the man just over 40 years. This, apparently, was the heir of the Asland Institute, none other than Carol Asland. He was a tall and royal individual with dark dark hair and well-defined features. And it was clear to Alexander that if he could not convince the young Asland, then he had no point in trying with his father. However, the doctor knew very well that if he succeeded in impressing his father and son, then his discovery would revolutionize the course of the history of all mankind.

- Doctor, let me introduce my son, Toni. Toni, please do not leave the doctor with his long hand. Dr. Upegus smiled at the boy who accompanied the two men, and whose curly and blond hair was falling over his eyes despite the kid's efforts to give him away.
Of course, the kid had an expensive costume like his father and grandfather, but his fragile constitution and the shyness with which he gripped his hand did not resemble the confidence that older men showed. If this bastard had been born in ancient Sparta, his hopes for the future would have been rather grim. But the boy was part of the Asland clan, and Dr. Upegus was willing to enter the mountain in spite of the flapless palm that the shy (but unexpectedly dear) kid had placed in his hand.

- I hope you do not mind that we brought Toni with us? Carol briefly asked Dr. Doctor to politely protest,
- Of course not! Of course not! Please, go in and take a seat, he said, inviting the two men and the boy to bare his beard further into his office. After the family of magnates sat down in the armchairs, the Doctor took the place behind the desk, dressed his voice, and looked curiously at the boy.
- Do not worry, Doctor. I know the subject of the project is a sensitive one, but you can speak openly to the boy, "said venerable Ronald, aware of his employee's concern. His father and I did not tell him what you were doing here, so you probably have to start with a small recapitulation. You know a man of science best when he has to reformulate complex issues in the form of simpler concepts.
"Consider it," added Carol Asland, an interview to see if we continue to fund the research. Your team is under the magnifying glass, so to speak. Your predecessors have failed and we have lost our patience. Let us believe again in the Orgasm Project.
He gave him a look that seemed to say, "do not give it to the bar, Upegus!" And the good doctor swallowed restlessly, feeling the summation as he tightened.
"Be careful, Toni," the man said, turning suddenly to the boy whose eyes were walking around the room. At the word of his father, the boy's gaze stopped immediately, and, seeing the men frowning at him, he turned his eyes down, shrieking like a retired lady.
"Of ... Yes, Dad," the boy said gently, his soft voice sounding almost like a girl.
"Well, that's an interesting overturning of the situation," thought Doctor Upegus.
He could really talk about ite P.O. with this fuck? I mean, kidnapping still has a lot to puberty. Could it be that he could understand? Reflecting, the easiest way would have been to connect the device to the apparatus and allow him to experience the true potential of the Orgasm Project on his skin. They were thinking for a moment to use the biggest rubber phallus they had in order to penetrate the offspring, but they quickly drove away any unclean thoughts and smiled again at the members of this ad-hoc inspection commission. "Well, Toni. What we are trying to do is develop the enzyme Q-69. A top-secret compound invented by Russians during the Second World War and tested on Polish mice and chimps, but has never been tested on humans. So far! Essentially this compound is a very powerful drug, and like any drug it has the ability to influence the nervous system of the victims ... the patient's pardon. Basically, it's a drug that allows us to reprogram a person's brain. He listens without saying a word. The old Asland hugs his chin on the stick of his bat. "Puiule, do you have any idea why such a drug is so important? And why did you and your father invest so much money and energy over these years to make it better? "The kid shrugged, and the old man sank from the depths of his soul. - Well, if such a drug would work, we could reprogram other people to do whatever we want. We could influence politicians, we could force the titans of industry and medicine and the media moguls to act just as we dictated them. Not only would we bring peace to Earth, but the Asland family would become the world's first planetary dynasty in the history of the world! Doctor Upegus nods vigorously. "That's right, Toni. But there is also a reversal of the medal. Because the drug has maximum effect and there is no risk of regression ... the subject's mind needs to be completely reset before the drug is given. Practically the subject has to be washed in the brain. This is where the Orgasm Project intervenes. The doctor did not respond to the frustration of the doctor who continues to explain. "I have theorized that the safest method of brainwashing a person is through a specific order of combinations of injected substances during orgasm. I mean, do you know what that orgasm is, Toni? The boy turned again, and more powerful this time. "Yes, sir ... I know." Well, Upegus continues, the experiment is a success in this phase. One of the first discoveries I've made at the institute was that these compounds work best for males. For females, we still have to get the dosage, but we have a group of doctors from Cameroon that deals with this aspect. Secondly, as the male advances in older age, the memories and personality make a stronger sediment, making "resetting" more and more difficult. This is precisely why we decided to focus on young people who have not reached the age of 20 in the first instance. We estimate that we will be able to get the perfect dosage to erase an adult's personality over the next two years without the need for orgasm. Until then, but- "" Explain a little about the current process, "Carol said," I want Toni to understand. "" Well, "Upegus continued. There are two distinct types of orgasm. The first is the direct stimulation of the penis. This method proved to be useless because the male sex has what we call the "refractory period" - meaning it can not generate orgasms just once at a certain time. Continuous stimulation is incredibly painful and does not have the desired effect. The second type of orgasm is that due to prostate stimulation. Do you know what the prostate is, Toni? "The boy did not look up but shook his head. The word sounded familiar but did not know what it means. - The prostate is a small organ located in the rectum that controls the ejaculatory process. It is very sensitive and can be stimulated by external and internal means. With prostate-induced orgasm, there is no refractory period and there is no ejaculation. However, there is an orgasm that is incredibly strong and is perfect for what I need. So we built a complex system that would induce prostatic orgasms to our subjects ... and allow us to manipulate the brain with powerful chemical injections. In fact, the whole process is based on the fact that the subjects have permanent orgasms to allow our chemicals to wipe their minds. "" Son, "Carol said. Now you are part of a very small circle of people who know about the existence of this experiment. This secret is a burden you must also carry. "" I will not tell anyone, Dad, "replied the wilderness without looking up, then continued calculating his words. But where do patients come from? Are volunteers offered? - No son, they're not volunteers. They are brought from orphanages, or they have been kidnapped in the street by a specialized network. I was careful to beyoung people whose disappearance would not raise questions. I also took care to be brought from all over the world to ensure genetic diversity.
Upegus smiled. Indeed, most of the young people were fleeing home. But he had been careful to give a special indication to the team that would "acquire" them, namely two brothers whose father had been a rival to Dr. Upegus during the faculty of medicine. The doctor was very happy to know how the two boys had been kidnapped from their beds, and now their father - so arrogant in the past - is calling desperate to ask for back. "Well, old Asland, I think he came time to visit the lab. "An excellent idea encouraged Doctor." Four of them came out of the office through a side door and crossed a corridor without windows to the end where two metal doors marked the presence of a utility elevator. He was descending a few good levels, although the doctor's office was on the ground floor, and when he came out of the elevator in an aseptic access room, he awoke face to face with another door with a shuttle, to the left of which was a red board: THE ORGASMUS PROJECT. INTERESTED WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. Here, call your excited doctor, feeling your own mataranga buzzing in your cotton pants only at the thought of what was going on behind the door. [WILL FOLLOW]