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In another section I posted a fantasy with Gypsies dedicated to a friend who reads with pleasure everything that is with the Gypsies.
Another reader charged me as a fan of the Gypsies, and did not stop me from writing about them again. It's his opinion and I invite him not to read my "works" anymore if I do not like them. I have expressed my way of expression quite elegantly, but if I want it, I can do it at the door of the tent, as I say!

In a sector of the market where I sell old tires, a kind of gypsy second-hand, I exhibited a "gypsy" merchandise that I had known for a long time and which was very popular among those who were in the market.
Ileana was selling from clothes to lipsticks and needles. She looked good to the woman, and often escaped the police raids because of the "in-kind" payment she was doing, making them a habit of it whenever they wanted to fuck something!
You only saw them coming in two, taking her, collecting them, and leaving all three. The next day, Ileana was present again in her corner, as if she was more blooming. Well, fucked by the two cops, it was like a flower damped in time.
Ileana had a 27-year-old boy who was more in jail than at home. Rubin was black in color, more like an African. Ileana was not white, of course, but it was obvious. When he was out of jail, Rubin accompanied her and danced with her through the market, the faces guarding him from evil-doers.
Otherwise he jelted at those who were not at the pockets.
Finding myself in the market, I went through the flea sector and saw Rubin standing next to Ileana and shuffling through the market, probably looking for an inattentive customer.
It was summer, warm, and he was just in a pair of shorts and looking closer, I saw his pullover pulled over his pulp. Looking at her, I saw that he was following a more briefly dressed little girl, who was exposing herself more than the bumblebees. Rubin wanted to fuck but stayed with desire, because no woman would have fucked him.
I approached and greeted him:

- Hey Rubin, hello! Are you looking at the birds?
- Oh, hello Radule! I look at her, eyes see, my heart asks ...
- You son of a bitch, you are the same as you, Ileana salt. All the night you ride me, I thought it was my season, so you were crazy!
I knew Rubin fucked me when he was not in jail, but I did not know who tattooed him.
"But who's father Ileana, I asked curiously.
"Dad," Ileana answered. He has taken me a penny for ten years, and I've done it for six years! And he started to bother me since he had been a year old. They both took my dick, and my father too! Now, that old man has gone to his heart, I have remained his toy!
- Shut up now, because I'm gonna take you to my pullover, that you know what a scratched pullover I have, and she pulls up her pants and pulls her head off and shows it to her. It was great and red, and so it was a lust that came to me, that it was no longer a gypsy, and that it was Rubin, I wanted a dick!
- Rubin and let's have a drink, I'm honest, I tell her.
We both left and settled at a more isolated table under an umbrella with two beers in front.
From word to point, she told me how the stallion of the cell was at jail, and she often missed the mouths of the mouths that ripped her loose from her bosom.
"And would you like a mouth that will let you go free?"
- What do you say? Normal, and mouth and ass!
- Would you agree to try?
- Oho-hoo, what a surprise you make me Radule! Come with me at home, and I'll give you a dirty little ass!
We went together to his house with another four beer bottles with us.
From the door he tossed his trousers to the naked dick and sank me on the bed where I woke up with my dick in my throat and my nose in the flood. The head of my pulp thrust my throat, and the balls wrestled on my beard, and I sucked the smell of the pullover in his blooms. I felt that there was no air, but I still gathered him with my hands. Rubbing thickly, Rubin splashes my throat with warm, peanut-like sperm. After I sucked his anal from his pulp, he stood up and leaning against the pillows, he asked, laughing,
- What is it, you like my freedom?
- Are you even asking? Did not you feel with pleasure sucking?
- Come on, come and love me, I see you like it!
I began to kiss her black and black wings, the black dick like the ebony under whose foreskin the crack of the red head of the pulp was visible. I took his black nuggets and creatures in my mouth and sucked them, Rubin stroking my head.
"Come on, bring that beer to cool us," he said, pulling from under my mouth, which had begun to squeeze his tongue under his foreskin.
I stood up and went with my mouth under his arms, where the hair bush smelled of sweat.
"Mmm, that smells good," I said, beginning to lick the sharp brushes.
Rubin lifted his arms, letting me indulge in the stench of his arms. I was blowing her hair through his lips, which made him laugh at Rubin who barely laughed.
"Well, Radule, I did not know you liked the dick, that since we know, I could have you on my pullet whenever I want to!" I subscribe to my dick, "said Rubin while we were drinking cold beer.
I was back with his balls in my mouth when I heard Ileana banging:
- Leave boss, I'm tired of it! Every time you get up, go to Ileana, we have a free maid!
- Shut up in my dick, I've often brought you out of trouble, I heard a man's voice.
Ileana was brought home again by a policeman whose dick had been raised. They went into the other room and after a while I heard the creaking of the bed and the sounds of the man who "worked" hard.
Rubin rose slowly and so empty, went to the room where Ileana was subjected to "torment".
I followed him, and in front of the door that was open, I saw Ileana naked under a man's naked body that at thirty. The flocking wings fought at the trail of the trap that swallowed the dick entering and rhythmically coming out. Between the white whips of the man, the black rustle of the man, covered the anus. Being with our backs to us, he did not see us, but Ileana saw us, he said to the one who feared her:
- Vale, get off of me that Rubin came!
He jumped down from Ileana and turned to see him in all splendor. He was not ejaculating, and the dick stood stiff over the burrows that covered his belly.
- Boss, take and get dressed and how long I'm here to stop catching my wife, that I'm dead of a man!
He, without a word, dressed and walked out the door. I followed him, and at the end of it he heard his voice.
- What are you upset, sir, just the guilt is yours, what did you look for?
- As if you were not a man! At least if I had grabbed my balls ...!
I had the prospect of sucking a policeman, so I said,
- I would have a solution to your problem, only to agree!
- One day, I would fuck and cow! I miss the balls of so much excitement!
"You are mine," I said.
- I say we go to my place and my mouth is at your disposal!
- OK, it's not the first time a man fucks!
When I arrived at my house, Valentin (I met on the way) was unhappy and took out the half-moon dick.
- Well, not so sweet, we are not at the toilet, I want my skin naked, I enjoy all your body!
"Then you fuck in the ass," Valentin said.
"In all the holes," I replied.
I do not even describe where I kissed and licked you think, but I had two hours of scrap, as though now I feel the dick how it fights in my ass.
Since then, Valentin visits me about once a week during the service. I would have liked to sleep with me, but being married can not miss her wife's pussy.
When I'm in the mood for a dick (and I have it often), Rubin is happy to serve me!

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