Saturday, December 2, 2017

Cosmin, a dear friend (4)

When I walked into the toilet, I saw Cosmin sink in his sink. She lifted herself to me, then turned her head again ostentatiously. I ignored his gesture and approached him, welcoming him amicably:

- Hi, Cosmin! How are you?
- ...
- Cosmine, I want to talk seriously to you! Do not fuck the deaf and the deaf with me!

I quickly took control of the six cabins to see if there was anybody else there and there was no one, I grabbed one arm and crouched in the last cabin. I locked the door behind me, I cradled it against the wall of the cabin, pressed it against one arm, and with the hand, I grasped my jaw, forcing him to look in my eyes.

- Cosmin! Please hear from me and listen to me! I do not have much time at my disposal. From the beginning, I pray from the depths of your heart to forgive me for all the things she said last night in the locker room! Please forget the words I told you! There was nothing real! I've done the biggest stupidity in my life and I'm sorry for ****! I do not know what it was with me! I did not talk then! Like someone took my mind! Please all of you, forgive me! You know, I'm holding you a lot and I do not want to lose you! The beautiful clips I spent yesterday together were the happiest of my life! Really! If you want, I can swear!
- No need, I believe you, but ...
- Let me finish! My dear, you have appeared as a meteor in my life and it has been annoying it! But I'm not sorry! On the contrary, you opened my eyes and found out how many other wonderful things there are in my life. I want to stay friends, even more so. Yes, I totally agree with your wishes you told me yesterday. Yeah, you like me crazy and I desperately want you! Even a ****! Right here!
- I'm very glad you changed your mind and you want me, my dear Ionut. But yet, here? Do not you think ...

I did not let him continue, and covered his mouth with my greedy and pierced mouth, then I cupped him in his arms and gathered him warmly to his chest. Cosmin responded with the same heat, pulling me strong in my arms and kissing with passion. I lowered my hands and began to grasp my buttocks, pulling it closer and sticking it to me. I felt his big toe and hard pushing me, so **** and mine, as massive and hard as it was, pushed him. It just hurt me, being stuck in my tight jeans and waiting for her to be released.

After we quenched our thirst for each other, without letting our lips aside as a signal, we both started to unlock our jeans and release our tools from the grip. Our hardened and hot poles, freed, stood loosely up, touching each other. A sensation of millions! I felt her dick warm and velvety, pulsing with desire, stuck to my dick, teapana and hard, waiting to be loved. Cosmin began to caress her tenderly and rub her. Then he broke away from me, pushed me gently to take his seat and let himself kneel down to suck my dick. But I wanted to have it! Let's get totally and plunge into his warm and welcoming ass! We did not have time for all the cutlery.

So, I picked him up, I pulled down his pants and boxers, until his ankles and I said,

- Ionut, we do not have time for everything! I want to fuck you! Get rid of and get rid of jeans and jeans. That's perfect. A **** a, take my throat, jump to me in my arms and squeeze well with my middle legs. It's perfect! Leave it to me! You just keep me tight and do not make any sound!

I took my hand to my mouth, spit out as much saliva as I put it over my dick. I repeated the figure several times until my dick was wet enough. Then, also with saliva, I filled Cosmin's velvety velvety ass and started rubbing it with my fingers. Very quickly and briefly, as I did not have time. Someone could come in at any time, even if the break was over. We were downstairs, close to the buffet.

- Ready! I finished! Get down on my dick and make no noise! I'll take care not to hurt you too much!

I flattened it well with my back against the wall, I adjusted my dick between his slowness buttocks, and Cosmin lay down on her, staring at me with his big, beautiful eyes. When it came to an end, and his smooth and delicate buttocks stopped in my big tufa and float, I drew only one screech of pain. I understood and I waited a bit for it to come to pass, then I said,

- Cosmin, let me drive! I want it! I want to feel like I'm the one who fucks you! Like your male! You hang on to me and be careful not to get rid of me.

Then we began with the dick a up / down, slow and sensual move, which immediately brought us both to ****. Happy, Cosmin started kissing me with love, and I took my hands out of his thighs, letting him hang freely in my groin, and started stroking his hips and muscular buttocks. so sensual.

- Ionut! Driving me crazy, I feel so good when I fuck! I love you so much, **** I did not love anyone until ****! Oh, that's good! Do not stop! Fuck me! Fuck me, powerfully! A **** a, you do not have a condom, I want you to empty all your seed in me and fertilize me! Oh, how much I love **** you fuck me! What a wonderful boy you can be!
- And I like Cosmin very much! I dreamed you all night, loved us with passion, and fired you like a stallion! Know that I really love to fuck you! I never felt better! With no face! Cosmin, you crazy me with your tight and velvety ass! I think I'll hide right away!
- And my dear lover! I feel like I'm going to explode!

Already, the door was heard from the toilet opening, and a few pressed steps advanced to us. At the first moment Cosmin frowned frightenedly, her face gripped her horror, and she wanted to come down. I pressed my mouth with my palm and motioned for him to stand still and make no noise. Then I heard Matei's voice. What the hell's this doing in our school?

- Get out, honey! What the hell are you doing there, at bsedat? You have entered the vault for more than 10 minutes and you have not left! I saw you with **** kissing your babe in the hallway, and then you gave him the slippers! Did your dick rise up and you resisted ?! What a child you can be! Get out, talk to you, Captain!
- All right, Matthew! You idiot! Not even at the toilet I get rid of you! Stay calm, do not make a paw! I have a problem, with the seat! It's harder! You got it?
- Yeah, you're constipated! Have you eaten, can not you?

Meanwhile, Cosmin was quiet, he started to move into my dick, excited to know that he was doing it publicly. And for me it was a new situation, enough it's provocative and special, to fuck at 50 cm of someone and he will not realize it. Terribly risky and exciting! With adrenaline to the fullest! - My job! Maybe you want to come a little, help me! Take a little with your tongue to make it easier! To be more convincing, I started to cry and scream, while Cosmin happily sank into my dick, bringing me to the organ **** - Captain, do not be porcous, I did not offend you! I just came to talk to you! - Okay, more daunting, can not you just wait outside? Do you have to stay with me and inhale this scabrous scent, shit and shit? S **** yl! - Come on, you can not even! You have deodorized and perfumed disinfectant! Yeah, what's that, scarf? Both Cosmin and I was excited, we were kissing silently, and Cosmin jumped in my dick at an increasing speed. I was crazy and desperate not to be afraid of pleasure. My seed was already on the pipe! - Scatofil, damn it! Do not you know? This is like you, who is crazy after shit and shit! Acu **** rs **** here, that finally came to me! Ah! Ah! Oh! That's good! Ahhh! - All right, bre! You beat me pretty much! I love you and I'll let you go empty, you know I'm waiting for you in the hall next to the door! Do not get so easy about me! Matthew broke off and before closing the door, I heard: - Labagiu dra ** made me a shit! Scarofil! Then the toilet sank in silence. I was galling, but Cosmin did not. In order to finish faster, I took her long and hot dick, as she stood in my dick, which had not yet fallen. After a few moments, I felt that my sweet buddy was about to ejaculate, so I covered my gland with my palm, holding all his seed, so that my clothes would not hurt me. Then Cosmin descended, took my palm and licked the samnata gathered there, then took toilet paper and wiped my palm and toe. There was no time for other tenderness. - Ionut, you were great! I do not know how to do much **** sc! You made me happy again! - Cosmin, you were wonderful and sweet too! You do not know how much I love to fuck you! You are extraordinary! Let's get dressed fast and get out of here until someone comes in! First I'll go out to remove that crazy one, and then, in a few minutes, get out! - OK! I understand! I dressed, I got out of the cabin, and I was just washing my hands when Matei put his head on the door, anxious: "Are you done, bre? Good luck! - Come on in the yard, more crazy and say what you want from my soul, that you killed me today! Matthew wanted to loan him with some money, he needed it! Cica climbed on the bicycle of some children from his block, put it in gear, then went into the square of a square and made it dust. The children's father threatened to squeeze his throat if he did not repair the bike, so he asked me to help him with the money. Until the end of the month, when he got some money from somewhere. - Uh-ass, you think I'm stupid ?! Do you think you're bringing me kids with sleeping stories ?! You need money to play it! I know you very well, bastard! You're lucky you're sympathetic to me! Here, 1 lei. I always have this because I did not take anything from the buffet! I know he does not get you, but thank you so much. It's the last time, you know! - Thank you, Captain! You have a golden heart! We broke up cordially, and I headed for the festive hall, because I had to start preparing for the ferry. I sat beside Simon, who was waiting impatiently. I turned around, but I did not see Cosmin. I think he gave up training and left. I was sorry. I already missed him! - How do you feel, **** oh? Better? - Yes my darling! You are **** well! Like I reborn! I'm fresh and fresh! Why do you ask me? - Do I know? Your face burns like fire and you are sweating! You have a strange odor! - From the sun and from the heat of the yard! Surely! Meanwhile, he entered the math and any noise in the room ceased. I started the training, which I did he took all his attention for two hours, forgetting Cosmin, Simon and all that difficult and complicated day. 

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