Friday, November 10, 2017

My friend's home

My friend's home was just her brother. She was gone to town with other girls. I was sure she would be missing pretty much. That's right. The mad walk through the shops and buy a lot of talons that we then get tired of getting down.
Her brother, Bita, was a year younger than her, so she was 20 years old, she was sporty, looks good for a guy. He was not the kind of muscle, and he was a smart guy. We talked for a while, but we were really bored. We were starting to tease. It's true that I had a beer on my throat and some beers, it's just summer, so Bita was starting to ask me how to fuck her sister if I gave him a blow ... even if I fucked her up . It's kind of annoyed, so I told her that if she wanted to know if I gave my ass to my sister, I could show them if he was in his stead.
Without having time to say anything, Bita came to me, pulled my training pants down and took my dick in my mouth. I wanted to jump out of the chair, but the boy caught me with his buttocks, pushing my dick up in his mouth. She was already starting to get up. The guy was expert in sucking and licking, so I left in his ... mouth. He was excited, his tongue was playful all over my penis, and at one point he began to smash me with the tongue of the channel on which the presperm already existed. I was naughty.
Bita took my balls in my mouth, sucked them, licked them ... and suddenly, when I got up a bit, because I was in a difficult position, he fired a tongue in my ass. I did not know it was so good to get tongues in your ass. My dick was concrete. Reinforced concrete! I did not know about myself anymore. Bita licked me in my ass and started penetrating my tongue. What tongue she had, that he was already in my ass, felt like he was in his stomach, but he was fine. With a hand rubbing my dick, I was horribly upset. Seeing that Bita does not want to leave me unfinished, I told him to strip him too. I think he could wait. His dick was already erect. I took it in my hand. It was the first dick besides mine I was beating.
I lay it on the carpet and took the classic 69th position. It's true I did not have a pussy but a dick. A big one. I started kissing her, licking her big head and almost sweet. Then I took it in my mouth, but with care, do not touch it with my teeth. We sucked both of us, like madmen. At one point he was crawling. I understand he'll let go.
I was wondering if I could swallow her sperm or let her face my face. Until I made a decision, my mouth was already full of hot sperm. I could not help but taste it. It was salt salty, something like a gelatin. Then he turned to face me and asked for a little sperm from him. He put his tongue in my mouth and started spinning it, so that she could cleanse all the remaining seed in my mouth. We passionately kissed changing saliva and sperm remains from one mouth to another. I felt I was about to ejaculate, so Bita put my mouth back on my dick. She sucked everything, left nothing, then gave me a little bit of my own.
I already knew my taste, because with my sister I had many times changed the juice, I gave her and mine. Anyway, her brother's kisses were much better. This boy kissing passionately, I felt he loved me.
We were both sweaty, we could not even breathe. We went to the bathroom to take a shower. As our noses were emptied of sperm and we were going to stink, we squirmed one another, another thing I had not done. While we were washing each other, while we kissed each other, we heard the door at the entrance. What to do?
What followed? You'll see soon!

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