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Cosmin, a dear friend (11)

The next few days, after Cosmin's departure with his father at the hospital in Bucharest, were extremely tense and difficult. We look forward to any sign from him. I did not dare to call him, because he asked me not to, because in the intensive care room he was forbidden to use mobile phones, not to interfere with medical devices. He called me several times a day, and kept me informed of his father's state of health, which progressively worsened. The prognosis of doctors was extremely resolved, towards death.

His mother had arrived at the hospital the very afternoon of that day and together with Cosmin they watched the patient's bed several days uninterrupted. And my parents were extremely affected by the situation, and my mother was a faithful mother, gave an acatist to the church, and prayed all the time for his father's health. Equally affected were classmates and conductors, although they had known him for a while. Everyone hoped for a miracle, less myself, that I interpreted that unfortunate accident, like a divine punishment, as a salvation of my dear friend. Obviously, I could not express myself in public, everything in my soul, and I was torturing myself at night, without sleeping.

I wanted to end it all once, to see my boyfriend, free of any constraint or obligation, imagining a very beautiful future together! On the other hand, something of me made me regret those unreflective thoughts: **** to establish happiness on the death of a man? It was absurd, immoral and contrary to my personal and religious beliefs! After all, he was his father, with all the sins committed lately. For years he took care of Cosmin, dealt with him, maintained him, educated and even held to him. God, how complicated it may be to live sometimes! It is rightly said that "Do not let God go as long as you are in the state!"

The days were tingling slowly. I did not want anything. I had left it softer with school, Simona I avoided it all the time, unable to support my cycling, and as a robot I traveled as a robot, which was so noted by both colleagues and coaches. But everyone knew the cause, "I was suffering for the tragedy of my best friend," so they left me alone.

After 6 days the bad news arrived. Cosmin's father died in the hospital in Bucharest shortly after 15 o'clock. Cosmin's mother was destroyed, and he suffered more for her pain and unhappiness. Because Cosmin's father had no close relatives, but a brother emigrated to Australia, and they were not prepared for a place somewhere, the two decided to incinerate him, especially as Cosmin's mother was determined to settle permanently abroad. After graduating from the high school and the ferry exam, Cosmin followed his mother and left the country.

Dear friends, I think you realized that the bad news for me was not Petre's death, but that I was going to lose Cosmin. He would immediately move to Ardeal at his grandmother and continue his high school there. Cosmin spent a long time with his grandmother while he was young, until Petre adopted him and received him with him. But her grandmother was already old and sick and lived with her mother's brother. Basically, Cosmin was to live with his uncle and his family at Dej in Transylvania. From Arges up there, it was a long way! I must have lost Cosmin and I could never see him again! Good luck, good luck!

However, after two days they returned to our city to solve the latest problems. Cosmin asked for a transfer to a high school in Dej, and his mother took care of selling things in the house and liquidating the house rent. Cosmin was very cute and came with his mother to us to please us for courtesy and support. My parents were very excited to meet Cosmin's mother and talked for a few hours. An occasion with which I withdrew with Cosmin to my room.

- Ionut, I miss you so much! You can not even realize how much you missed me. I was standing in my father's bed, and when I was on guard, I was only thinking of you! How much I'm glad to be able to see you again.
- I'm so glad I, my dear Cosmin! All the time I only thought about you! I did not want anything! I could not concentrate any more, I did not learn, I could not sleep anymore, I did not have the appetite! In all, it was you! It never happened to me like that, never! I do not even know how to interpret this! What was it?
- Easy! That's love! How much I'm glad you love me so hard! Ionut, God forgive me that only 4 days have passed since my father died, but that's a great joy for me! You love Me! Oh, my God, I love the best, the most beautiful and the sweetest boy in the world! I'm so happy!

The words became superfluous! We threw one in our arms and began to kiss us desperately, thirsting, without being able to quench ourselves. Abstracted from all caution, the door of the room being unlocked, we began to undress ourselves quickly, wanting to remain absolutely naked and to unite our bodies with the desire. We continued to hug, kiss us, rolling one over the other, in my welcoming and generous bed! We do not saturate one another, our bodies burn hard, we cling to our arms and we cling to each other in perfect fusion. I was drunk for happiness and passion! I did not need words: eyes, fingers, skin, lips, tongue, telling our whole love story. We wanted to sink into one another, to be one body, one being!

I do not even know when and how I got into Cosmin's hot body, fretful of desire. Even now, after a while, those moments are in my mind unclear. Like in a movie with acceleration. I woke up simply by riding Cosmin backwards, pumping him hard, and he, with my maid in my mouth as a calus, to soften the noise, bumped under me, and happily groaned. Then I was on top of him, and he under me, my feet resting on my shoulders, giving me strong stances, while I was galloping in him. Then he walks between my legs, licking me with the breeze and sucking him, then a bestial rimming on his side, and eventually Cosmin riding in the morning!

Yes! Yes! Cosmin fucked me, as passionately as she did and I did a while before! When and how to do this, I do not know now! If it hurt me? I have no idea, but I do not think so! I was in the new sky! My joyful palpitated prostate at every hard passage of his huge, huge pulp , but no trace of pain or embarrassment! It was so good and pleasant when Cosmin fucked me! An immense and hot happiness filled my body and I emptied ecstatically. Then I went on like a few numbers, being above, when one, when the other. I do not even know how many times we ejaculated each other, but our bodies, like the sheepfold beneath us, were full of warm and sticky seeds. After two hours of love and fusion, wild and passionate, we both collapsed in a deep sleep, not before closing the door, eventually. After a while I heard some discrete hammers in the door and my father's voice: "Guys, what the hell are you doing there for three hours? Have you been asleep? Come on, Cosmin's mom wants to go! - Yes, Dad! I talked and tired of being, I stumbled! We're coming right away! We fired our boxers and stealthily, watching someone not see us, we went to the bathroom and we got married. Then cheerfully, as if nothing had happened, I went into the living room, where Cosmin's mother was ready to leave. - Guys, I'm really sorry to interrupt your conversation, but it's late! I have to go tonight in Austria, but Cosmin still remains until tomorrow when his uncle comes to take it. I know how hard it is that you were such good friends. I talked to Ionut's parents. Cosmin, you're gonna come back here after I'm gonna go and sleep tonight with him! Your last night. I'm sorry it happened, but you can stay as good friends. On vacation, Ionut can come to Dej to see Cosmin and vice versa. Because she had missed a lot of work, the lady quickly left, letting Cosmin finish the chores. There were some personal belongings, clothes, electronic devices, books that Cosmin's uncle would pick up the next day with a van. At 12 o'clock I heard the doorbell. It was Ionut, with a small bag in his hand. - Hi, Ionut! I returned. My mom left right now. What are you up to? Have they slept? - Hello my love! Yeah, they already slept, tomorrow they have to go to work. Come on, come in! Let's sleep too, that it's late! Of course, that only sleep did not burn us then, it was only the last night we spent together. I guess you know, dear friends, what followed! A crazy, crazy, crazy night! We loved passionately and desperately, like two lovers who would die the next day! When it lit up the day, we still fought with passion, without feeling fatigue or exhaustion, as if we were drugged! The drug of love and love. That night was the wildest, the craziest, the most romantic, the most beautiful and the happiest in my life, and I think it will stay that way while I live! Before 6 o'clock we went to the bathroom, together we took a long shower, washing all our sins thoroughly, then a quick and cold shower for a revival. I took breakfast, and Cosmin said goodbye to my parents, thanking them for hospitality and help. Then I went to school, where Cosmin received the transfer papers, goodbye to colleagues, professors, and ladies master. That day, I was faked from school to accompany him and help my friend. At about 11 o'clock arrived the cargo van with Cosmin's uncle. We loaded all things into the car, then went to a restaurant where Cosmin and his uncle ate lunch. I refused, because I could not swallow anything. Every morning a nod in my throat stood, and I abstained with great weight, not to cry. The moment of separation has also arrived! In front of the car, waiting for Cosmin to leave, we hugged for the last time, powerfully and desperately, and our cheeks were drowned by the tears that did not stop. I sat so embraced for a few minutes, silently crying desperately. We knew each of us was the time of our separation, the moment when our great love ended suddenly and painfully, the moment when we saw ourselves for the last time, and all our happiness and love would become a sweet and beautiful memory. - Ionut, I love you like a madman and I will love you forever and now. **** Do not forget me, my love, never! - Cosmin, my dear friend! Be convinced that I love you as much! You were the first boy I fell in love with and maybe the last one. I will always keep you in my heart! Cosmin got up sadly in the car without looking any further, and the car started on that deserted street. I stood still, with the hot tears streaming down my cheek until the car vanished from my tears.

Goodbye, Cosmin! Goodbye, dear friend and dear! Kind of childhood, adolescent adolescent! I think in those moments so sad and painful, I matured and became a man!

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