Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cosmin, a dear friend (7)

- Ha! I got you! What are you doing here? You futeti ass, huh, Chicken ?! I realize, since I've seen you **** you're making your paw under the table! Jerks!

The cabin door opened unexpectedly, and in front of her the waiter appeared, red-faced, sweaty, gladly excited, after a good joke, with the slit of jeans loose and the dick pulled out and rubbed it. Both of us were impetuous, staying like statues, one in a dull dick, speechless and incapable of the slightest reaction.

- When I saw you as you walk down the toilet, I thought first of all that other nonsense you want to do - drugs, psychoactive, stuff like that - when there dear, you two fucks like iepuroi! How pretty! I've been listening for about 10 minutes and my dick has risen. How stupid and stupid! Make your voice out loud, in a public place! I could give you the police! The junk would eat you! But you are my dear dear ones! Especially you, that blonde, doing the little girl! Where are you, from which neighborhood, that I have not seen you here?
- From Visoi, sir!
- Oh, from the other side of town! That's why I did not see you again!
- It's a shame I'm working, I'm gonna make a big deal! You, that brunette, 'you fuck her! Take a day with ****? Does he have a tight and hot gown? Is it futile right?
- Sir, please excuse us! We're leaving now! I did not think anyone would come! Please forgive us!
- Shut up! Answer the question? How ****
- I like it very much! He's my boyfriend and boyfriend! Please !!!
- Repeat, how ****
- It has a narrow and very futile, sir!
- That's it, me! Okay, the more foolish and impatient pampales to fuck you, you're lucky with me! Brunette, you're the man, like me! I forgive you and I will keep secretly, here and there, if you give me your lover too, take it to me. So fast before, that I do not have time. Already my sturdy is up and willing to fight. Make me a seat too!
- .....

- Brunette, you dress up and sit outside six, no one, and you blonde, go to work! And no laughs! What are you waiting for? What have you left, like two statues? Execution!

Paralyzed by the surprise of the waiter's appearance, with the empty minds, we were incapable of thinking logically and coherently, we moved like two robots, executing his commands. I equipped myself quickly and got out of the cabin, closing the door behind me. On the way, I saw Cosmin kneel at the feet of the waiter, who had left his pants in the breeze to get the best suction, then took his hardened dick in his hand and started licking it, slow and sensual. I stood idle, numb with fear, and listened to as a stamp, what was happening outside the door, incapable of doing any gesture! Like someone you took my mind!

- That's right, little ass, I see you're good at the job! Lick it well and press it! Ah, that's good! Ah!! So! So!
- Get them, lick them a little too! Do not be embarrassed, I went before I came to work! I'm clean, what the hell! I changed my pants too! You're not the first one to take my bitch!
- Mother, how much do I like **** you give me tongues on your head! So! So! Mom, how good it is! Fetito, you crazy me for pleasure! Get it out, so!

I was still prostituting, not reacting in a way, although in myself I was extremely revolted.

- I want more! Keep going, do not stop! Alas, sweet, what you can be!
- Oh, fuck me, suck! But nice, I see you know! Ah! Ah! Super! How good it can be!
- Mama, what a whore and good guy you are! Brunette, are you still there?
- IMH!
- You have a little girl! Your curvy knows a job, millions! And he likes to suck the dick a lot! It's from a post that went crazy about the dick. Look at him! He made foam at his mouth, so **** and still does not saturate it! Where did you hang the guy? Would not you want to give it to me, from time to time? That I was not as lucky as you! Only the unruly chubby, with pimples on his face or babble with his mouth, not for a century! What do you say? Do we hit the palm and post it? One day, you, one day, when I'm not in the bar!
- Not!!
- If you want, we can both be at once! I think he would love the whore! How about blonde, would you?
- Nghh! Ng !!
- Get the dick out of your mouth and answer it nicely! Do you want to be both of us both in your ass and mouth, so, at least two days? I have conditions that I live alone in a studio apartment.
- Not! Not!
- No, sir! Not! Do not torture us! Please! We're only two kids!
- Come on, I joked! Blonde, she was looking for a ****. House mouth big and swallow everything, otherwise it's a wolf of your ass! You understand?
- IMH!
Man for the month - un mec chaque mois - uomo del mese
- Ah! Ahhh! Oauuu! Suuuper !! Okay, we're done! I've emptied everything! Get up and do the job cleaning! So, little girl **** and silly! And coo **** still a little bit! Bravo!
- That's good! I never fuck **** ugly so welcoming and understanding, do not know how long!
- What a lovely and sweet little girl you can be! Ready with the dick, shit! You've been worth it today! The rest, next time. Now you're up, to give your boy a cough, you deserve it! You are really beautiful and very sticky. Maybe you even liked it! How do you **** ice, the doll?
- ...
- Okay, if you do not want to tell me how you are, I'm going to call you Cordelia, I like that name and it suits you perfectly! What do you say, Cordelia dear, did not you like how you fucked? ****, that I have a nice and healthy dick, with a lot of yawn in it and the hard seed? When do you want to see us, baby doll? Let her boy fuck her! Tomorrow I'm free all day and I'll be waiting for you in the studio? Mom, what you fucked at **** agem! I promise I'll keep you in the dick for 24 hours! And I will give you both the seed, as long as you have never drunk so far! Here, my phone. Call me, baby! I want you very much!
- Sir, please! Do not torture us! Leave my friend alone! Do not humiliate him! Ready, you have satisfied your pleasure! Give us, please, the road! Yes, I admit, I was wrong! But I paid for it! I think now we are satisfied! Can we go?

Slowly, I slowly managed to get back, and my thoughts started to think of the speed, clinging to my head, as if to recover the syncope before! What am I supposed to do? Normally, take him to his fists and toes and fill him with blood! With any risk! He beat up and raped my boyfriend while I was an idiot at this ass! The greater the punishment of Simona, nor could it! Yes! I was supposed to reinvent a man and set him up! My beloved, humiliated and mocked, deserves a manly and heroic gesture on my part! But how can I get better, without worsening the situation and so bad ?! Right then, they both got out of the cabin, equiped normally, as if nothing had happened.

- Thank you beautiful, Cordelia! You were wonderful! If you are appeased by a healthy dick, a real man and not a beginner, you know where to find me! Or call me anytime! Just tomorrow morning, it would be great. Maybe we try on the hole! I'm so eager to let her down, especially as your crown has praised you for that! He said you had a million gaats: "I like it very much! It has a narrow and very funnel, sir! "I burned and I was boiling like a volcano! I clenched my fists, ready to do it by K.O. Cosmin, aware of my violent intent, made a sign with my head to quit! And the waiter was in the phase. - Young, I hope you do not want to do anything stupid and wake up in police custody, along with your curvy! You would compromise your whole life, you would be punished, and the whole city would laugh at you all the time! Brunetule, I thanked you that I did not ask you to take my babe or even worse, to break you to the bunch! I was a fine boy and I respected you as a man! And what a great thing I did? I also fetched a little dick with your little girl, as I think, **** you do it several times a day! That girl knows a job, millions! That's what I congratulate you, man! You're still very young, but you're good at dressing your bitch! Down the hat, men! A real croak! Listen to me! You'll get big! - Sir! Domnuleee !! .... !!!! - Oh, love, calm down! Behave yourself! Come on, we fuck the hell out of here! Cosmin lifted me from a wing and dragged me up, up the stairs, to the drawing room. The waiter followed us calmly, wounded for his success. In front of the bar, he made the sign of two fingers and the bartender responded ostentatiously, shaking his fist upwards: "Yes!" We got into the street, dizzy and overwhelmed with fear and shame! At least that's what I felt then. A complex sentiment, hard to describe in words: despair, anger, frustration, bitch, embarrassment, humiliation, and much, a lot of guilt towards Cosmin. I was walking one another, silent, haunking in narrow and deserted streets, unknown to us, as if from another world, the unreal, detached from a terrifying nightmare. The steps have turned us to the center, which I would have avoided. We have bypassed the Public Garden, the favorite place for the nature and beauty lovers' promenade. We risk meeting with Simona or other acquaintances. In front of an old house, with the bench at the gate, we sat down to pull our soul. The first to break the ice was me, feeling terribly guilty. - Cosmin, please forgive me! All my life I will blame for what happened to you this afternoon! Like hell put me! We did not have a few days! I had to see you and talk to you! If we were sitting and looking for you, nothing would have happened. Only I'm to blame! What can I do to forgive me, my beloved dear and dear ?! - **** ut, exaggerate, like every time! Why blame you? That's how was ment to be! Anyway, Dad would have been playing me and if you had not come here! In my despair and helplessness, maybe we were doing stupidity! Do you know my dear, that I often struggled to end my life, so tormented! But since I met you, and especially after we became friends, a ray of sunshine descended into my soul, and the hope reborn! No, you have no blame! All my fault belongs to me! You were a normal and straight boy before you met me. You had your life, your projects, your passions and your successes, your women and your love, your aspirations and a very beautiful future. You were the hottest boy in high school and maybe in this town. I broke your future and hijacked you in my infernal and sinful labyrinth! Shut up and do not say anything! - But, Cosmin! I was an ordinary lady! I abandoned you in the arms of the Marlan, without any remorse, the smallest lightning or battle! I sold you for a few pieces of silver, like Judas Jesus though, so I love you too! What a sin can be bigger than to betray and sell your beloved being? I deserve the ultimate punishment and the final solution, as Judas did in a last and salutary gesture of remorse and penance! - More chick, you are delirious! Wake up! Since this religious fervor to you? I thought you were more lucid and perfectly rational! OK, let's try cold! And what it would be did we have to do? Should we let him call the police and shame? For me it would not have been a big deal! Anyway my life is di * door! I'm moving with my dad in another city and ready, we're going over and over! Or I go to my mother, abroad, so I insist to go there too! But you? You would have compromised all your future, you would have made your family laugh and maybe you would not have had the strength to resist, as you started to get out early! You'd be clapped and you might have chosen a desperate solution. So your parents too!
- No, I do not think it's as you say! Denat denned reality, trying to take my defense!
- Ionut, how much did I do? I took his dick to suck. Well, and ?! It would not have been the first time when I was doing it! Leaving aside his harsh and vulgar words, which he specifically said to hurt you and provoke you, he behaved very well with me. He did not abuse me, it was not tough, on the contrary, it was tender and delicate, but you did not see that, that you were after the door! Sure, fucked me and ejaculated **** my mouth, but I myself accepted this, knowing the catastrophic consequences of a refusal! Ionut, you did not sell me and you abandoned me! I alone accepted, willingly! So I'm the one guilty! I was the one who sold me and behaved like a whore, just as I baptized him: Cordelia! But is it really my fault? Is it worthwhile? If so, throw rocks in me and leave me! Right now! I do not deserve you! I'm a whore! Cordelia!

I was in a desperate, out of order situation! We were both right and we both were wrong! We indulgently accuse us, we refuse to accept reality and common sense! We were somehow cabotines through our big words and words. But it was excuse! We were so young, inexperienced and ... very in love!

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