Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cosmin, a dear friend (8)

We both stood on the bench, pondering to find a solution to our so complicated but also pressing issues.

- Okay, and **** what are we gonna do? You do not even dream of staying with your father! I do not want you to be abused and mocked! I do not want to suffer any more, my love! Come to me tonight, maybe talk to my dad and find a convenient solution!
- Ionut, you're delirious again! And what are you gonna tell your dad? "Daddy, he's Cosmin, my boyfriend with me fuck 2 weeks or rather, that I love to shoot the fuck, I am still active. You know, he has a problem at home, his father made him his bitch and fuck him every night! The boy suffers and is desperate! I do not agree with this and I ask you to take it to our house and let me live with it! I love him very much and I want to be my lover! How about you, Dad? Do you agree? "More boy, you are completely crazy! Bati plains! OK bye! That was done late! See you tomorrow at school!
- Not! Not! Wait! You're just talking nonsense! That's not what I wanted! But at least at dinner, can I invite you?
- That's right, with the greatest pleasure! I wish very much to meet yours. After that, I come home to me!
- All right, so be it.

When I got home, mine was waiting for me, not knowing why I was late without announcing them! Usually we did not do that. When I left home, I told them where they were going and how much I would stay or at least give them a phone call, in case something unpredictable appeared. I have always been honest and honest with my parents, and they in turn have given me a greater freedom, trusting me. Their surprise was all the greater when I first appeared with Cosmin. I did not bring my colleagues or friends to me, except to Simon, but she did not, because she was my official girlfriend, and in the eyes of our parents I was as engaged.

- Good evening! Please excuse me that I'm late and I did not announce you, but I forgot my cell phone at home. I was kept in the club with some problems. He's Cosmin, my new classmate and teammate. He moved to our town for a while. I do not think I talked to you about it.
- Good evening, lady and Mr. D.
- Good evening, Cosmin. We are very glad to meet you. Ionut does not come with colleagues at home. He's more reserved, more restrained, and I do not understand why, we just do not eat people. Oh, here comes Roxana, sister of Ionut!
- Roxana, he's Cosmin, my new classmate!
- Good evening, Roxana!
- Hi, Cosmin! I know you from school, I've seen you several times talking to Ionut.
- Cosmin, Roxana is younger than us two years, but it's in the third year at Filo that she started school at age six.
- Kids, go to your rooms to prepare, as in 10 minutes we serve dinner. We have been losing our ears of hunger waiting for you. Cosmin, I hope you stay with us at the table?
- Thank you very much, but I do not want to bother you.
- No trouble, son. This chair is busy all the time, especially in the evening. It's Simon's friend, Ionut's girlfriend, who's like our daughter.
- Father! Pretty please! Cosmin is not interested in this intimate detail!
- Good good! Go get ready for dinner, as the mother serves the meal right away!

It was a very strange dinner. My parents, being discrete people with a good sense, avoided being questioned by Cosmin, but he was still curious to learn something about him, especially after deciding that he had become my best friend. My sister was melted after Cosmin. All night did not take his eyes off him, and when he found out that he was my best friend, he breathed lightly, hoping for an easy conquest, obviously helped by me! I was glad to say: we both compete for the same boy. Finally, to save the situation, Cosmin's life was very elusive: he had a father retired from the illness, who still had to work, that his mother had gone to work abroad to supplement the family's financial resources, that he was passionate about sports and he was very talented, he was a shy, withdrawn and retained guy, so **** I was myself. My friends were happy with those about Cosmin and they were very impressed with the fate of the poor boy, separated from his mother, forced to live alone. My mother's eyes were soaked with emotion, and my sister fell in immense admiration for Cosmin. It was about 10 o'clock when we finished the dinner, and Cosmin stood up from the table, gratefully pleased and ready to leave.

- Where do you live, Cosmin? Stay away from us?
- On Oituz Street. They rented a house in the yard there!
- It's in the other side of town! Well, there you go a long way to go. It's late and it's dangerous to go all the way alone in the night. Ionut, I think he'd better sleep with you tonight. Your bed is big enough and you both go. How about, Cosmin?
- Yes, Dad. It's an excellent idea! Especially since his father is hospitalized for a few days, he has to do some medical checks. Zau, Cosmin! Stay tonight with us!
- If it is so, there is no question of leaving! Cosmine, tonight you sleep with Ionut!

We retired to my room and talked for a while. Cosmin then announced that she was sleeping and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After that, it was my turn to the bathroom. When I returned to the room, Cosmin slept, falling into a deep, relaxing sleep. I slipped under the blanket beside him and stuck to his broad back, her smooth and velvety skin smelling so provocative. We were both only in boxers, the room was warm enough. I tightened it **** with my arms and legs and I lay my face between his muscular shoulders. Cosmin's youthful body was radiant, and his deep but regular breathing was extremely reassuring. Although I was excited a little while being in the semicircle, in a few minutes I also admired myself, holding my boyfriend in my arms.

... I was in Cosmin's room, we were both hanging on his bed and we were giggling. Something about the guitar music in Spanish. Both of us were in maximum erection and we were **** m each other. What a beautiful dick Cosmin! Overwhelmed by desire, I climbed over him and started kissing him and banging him wildly, his small, hard nipples, his muscular abdomen, covered by squares. I had a craving for kissing and licking her husband, so I sat down between his muscular legs totally hairless and took his long and vanilla dick in his hand. I started kissing her and licking her all over again, many times, and it shone from my saliva. Then I licked her gingerbread and pink, giving her tongue roots around him. Cosmin was in the ninth heaven and gafaia ****. Then I took the dick in my mouth and began to suck it with a glimpse. It tasted the same taste we first felt when we loved in the locker room. Suddenly, Cosmin rose to his knees, grabbed my head and tucked his dick into my mouth, pushing her forcefully down the neck. Immediately it was pumping me hard, and the hard ones hit my chin. I began to suffocate, to hurt my throat, but Cosmin did not weaken the intensity. - Stay calm and do not fight like that! Let me fuck you like the world! I still have a little bit and I will hatch the seed in you. I know you want it for a long time, but you did not have the courage yet to try it. Strange! Cosmin's voice seemed changed as his behavior. I looked at her thighs and they were no longer Cosmin's. They were coarser, covered with hair. Suddenly I felt in the mouth and throat the warm and sticky jets of seed, and above my head a pang of satisfaction, like the village pig. This was! In fact, Cosmin did not fuck me, but his father. I immediately became nauseous and started to vomit, but the malice kept me tight, pressing my head over his dick, until it was finally emptied ... I awoke awkwardly and sweat the sweat. Beside me, Cosmin slept quietly without worrying about my nightmares. I breathed a few times with power until I came back, then I lay down my face again on his warm and muscular back. Deep and regular breathing of Cosmin silenced me and immediately fell asleep. ... I was in the ninth sky, and from my tense and excited body there were dripping large splashes of sweat that flowed over Cosmin's muscular and cambered back. It was the goat in front of me, and she was delighted with my ram races, which made her rhythmical and muscular buttocks rhythmical. - Yes! Yes! It's great! So! Fear me with power! Oh, that's cool! Ionut, fuck me! Fuck me with power! So! Yes! Ionut, be my stallion! Ah! You crazy me, love! I felt trembling with pleasure underneath him, gawking hoarse and moaning like a bitch. Like a real professional, he gave me regular controversy, pinching my dick in his muscular and tight butt. My excitement peaked. I felt that the unloading was near, my sow slowly climbing up the pipe. In turn, I have to jam with power, to fuck and to speed up my pumping! - Yes! Yes! Give it to me, my strong and dear stallion! So! I love enormously! Be tough and a man with me! What the fuck is it! How well do you know how to fuck me, Ionut! I love you! I love you! - Me too, my dear! I love it so much to have you! Ah! Oaauuu! Cosmine, can not please! Ahh! Wow! A **** you are my only one! - Yes, Ionut, only yours! For eternity, only yours! - ...... - Ah! Ah! Mother Mother! I'm going crazy for pleasure! Ah! Cosmine, what a bloody bitch you can be! So! Ah! Ah! Mama! The last words I had suffered, another man, made me look up! In front of me, still on my knees, was the waiter who kept Cosmin on his head and fumbled in his mouth. She saw me and smiled at me happily, then stretched out my hand to greet us. - Good luck, man! Gabi calls me that yesterday we did not even get to know each other! See that it was possible! Is not it so cool to shoot him both at once? Your curvature is bad. Look at how much lust suck it! You say I have not sucked the dick since I do not know how long! I feel my hair is turning on the back of pleasure. Mother Mother! Yeah, that's what you're kicking her to! Look with **** striking your head in your belly when you hit it! Cordaciule! See that you're going to die your bitch in the dick, so much pleasure! - Mhhh! Angga! Omhhh! - See how bad I crazy about your bitch ?! No more pleasure. Two bucks stood up in it. - Yes! Yes! That boy! With all the power! What wonderful balls do you have! Ahhh! MSME! Inghh! - He's looking at the bitch, he can not! She let go of the sun **** Yeah, I can not even! Ahhh! Mama! Ahhh! How well it was! Cosmine, what a prostitute you are! Just do not suck anymore, you've emptied my bay **** is the seed until the last drop! Ahhh !!! - .............. - Ioo-nut! BOI-nut! Come on you can! Come on you can! - Come on, Ionut! Come on! BOI-nut! BOI-nut! - Captain, come on! Come on! BOI-nut! BOI-nut! - Ionut, do not shame me! I know you can! Come on, come on! - Ioo-nut! BOI-nut! BOI-nut! Around us, in circles, it was all the team, who together with the two coaches assisted enthusiastically at the show. They were all naked in their eyes, zor, pussy, and madness like madmen! They encouraged me with frenzy, like a match, waiting to finish. Cosmin, with her head turned to me and Gabi, they also strongly encouraged me!

- Ioo-nut! BOI-nut! BOI-nut!
- yeah! Now **** INEE! Oh, that's good! Oauuu! Ahhh! Cosmin, I love you !!!
- Hooray! Hooray! Captain, you're the best!
- Bravo, Ionut! I'm proud of you, that you did not make me shame! You deserve to be the captain of the team!
- All right, crook! Hats off! You're the hell out of here! You kept him in the dick for an hour! You are champion! Tomorrow we do it to me! I want revenge!
- Ionut, my dear, I'm so happy! I love you! Much, much of everything!

I woke up again, sweating like a racing horse, but extremely happy, pulling Cosmin vigorously in his arms. Sexu **** I still stuck it between my buttocks and my panties were wet from the ejaculate seed. I had to change. So I got out of bed so I did not wake up Cosmin, because it was still night, I took a pair of new pants and went to the bathroom to take a shower and change. Then I went to the kitchen, put a glass of milk from the refrigerator and started drinking it in the dark, thinking about the two dreams. I was so focused that I did not feel when Cosmin arrived, who embraced me a lot of heat, kissing me tenderly on my shoulder.

- Ionut, why did you leave me? I love you so much!
- Me too, Cosmin! As much!

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